Eilean Shona Adventures

This was written in the guest book in Sawmill Cottage, it's written for the next guests as much as for ourselves. I'd strongly recommend that you consider being one of the next visitors to Sawmill Cottage on Eilean Shona!

You can find more information about Eilean Shona on their website.



We're Phil and Shona (yes, like the Island), from Swansea in South Wales. Our visit was to celebrate Shona's 31st birthday on 28th March. I managed to keep the name of our destination secret until we arrived at the slip.

It's a long way from Swansea to Shona, so we broke our journey into stages. A visit to each of our parents in the Midlands on day one. Lunch and a walk in the Lake District, followed by a night with friends in Carlisle on day 2. A SUP around the islands on Loch Lomond before a night in the van on the shores of Loch Leven for day 3. Finally, breakfast and a supply shop in Fort William before heading to Tioram Castle to meet Jonty, one of the island caretakers.

Saturday 26th

We arrived and met Jonty at the slip near Castle Tioram.

Shona discovered that the mystery island that we had been talking about for months was her namesake! Her reaction and smile were perfect, everything that I had hoped for!

3 Images from when we arrived at the island. Swipe or click to change image. Tap or Click on the image to open it in a new tab.

We made our way onto the island and after a warm welcome from Sarah and Paddy (Jonty's black lab), we headed along the track to Sawmill. It's about a 15-minute walk from the jetty to the cottage, we walked while Jonty loaded our bags onto a quad bike and beat us there. There are no roads on Eilean Shona! Following a bit of unpacking & a quick cuppa we went out for a local explore.

3 Images as we headed over to our cottage

First, we headed North for a scramble along the shoreline, then we looped back around to Shona Beag. Shona Beag (Little Shona) is a smaller offshoot of the main island the narrow access to which is adjacent to Sawmill Cottage. I think we're going to spend a lot of this week on deer tracks!